Monday, June 11, 2012

Cycling the Legacy

So, during the construction of the Legacy Highway in Salt Lake and Davis County, UDOT added a 50mile trail which parallels most of the highway. We decided to put some new Teerlink gear to test by riding as far as out little legs could carry us. We loaded up the VW with as much cycling gear as she could hold and headed north to the trail head.

The trail was segmented by great small pocket parks which made for great pit stops. The park had smattering of kids who Ava promptly made friends with. At mile 5 we ended up taking a break at Bountiful Lake. After Ava made sure the lake was filled with enough rocks we followed her ultra pink kit (picture Kermit the frog pedaling as fast as possible) back to the car to complete a 10 mile ride! Good times.

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Buck said...

I miss ya sooo much....Buck